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Devi Communication offers a spectrum of services ranging from consultancy to implementation. Our services include specification, implementation and management of Voice, Data and Video solutions. As part of our service all the systems provided by us are covered by our service level agreements.

Devi communications understands that the life blood of any business is to prepare for the future and adapt. For this reason we make sure that the business partners we select have ideas and products which are able to grow and adapt with your business.

Devi Communications business relationship is based on the fact that we will do our best to understand your business and we will provide a solution to help grow your business.
Voice Solutions leads the way in provision of advanced, fully digital Communication platforms. The telephone remains the prime means of contact with customers and contacts. A fast courteous and efficient response to a customer enquiry can make the difference between winning and losing business.

Devi Communications partners with selected manufacturers who can best meet the requirements of most business needs and have the resources to design and implement the next generation of telephony applications.

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
IVR automates incoming calls to answer questions, accept information, register requests and fax information. IVR provides faster service, customer specific service and reduces the burden on live call representatives allowing them to concentrate on callers with complex problems.

Unified Messaging
Unified communications solutions allow companies to improve business communications with customers, partners and employees. In today's information age, there are a multitude of ways to communicate with your customers - including voice, fax, and email. As the pace of business increases so do the number of messages.
Unified messaging solutions provided by Devi Communications put you back in charge of your business communications. Unified Messaging allows for access to all of your received messages--voice, fax, and email--together through either the telephone or computer. This single point of access and control increases your productivity while improving communications with both customers and co-workers -- no matter if you are in the office or on the road.

Voice Mail
Since the earlier days of answering machines and devices connected to phone lines, voice mail systems and applications have become complex workhorses of everyday business. Computer telephony has made new voice mail features available that add power and flexibility to the simpler answering device model. Voice mail today can include auto attendant and follow-me capabilities so that your callers can have a better variety of options. They can leave longer and more detailed messages. You can easily access your messages and change system options from the road when traveling. Call back features enable you to automatically call back the individual who left a message. Some applications allow group mailbox lists to be created for sending the same message to multiple recipients, and so on. Mailboxes can be set up that are "listen only" for organizations that need to make special announcements.

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI)
Computer-Telephony Integrates voice and data transfer so as an agent receives a call, the caller's information automatically pops up on their computer screen. This solution shortens call time, customer service and significantly reduced the cost per call.
Internet Protocol Solutions
In today's competitive marketplace there is a growing demand for providers to carry traditional voice services over an IP network due to the cost-effective nature of this kind of transmission.  Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) solution offers you the ability to terminate pocketsize voice conversations and faxes to virtually any phone in the world, which decreases your costs and increases your bottom line.

Devi communications understands the importance of cost-effective, high-performance Internet connectivity for companies that rely on the Internet to reach a global audience and that need to deliver a superior experience for the end user. Superior Internet backbone allows us to offer carriers fast and efficient, Internet access to your own customers and partners.

Call Center Applications
Call Center business is focused on combining expert consulting and implementation services with best-of-breed products and technologies. Today's call centers not only process voice transactions, but electronic transactions as well - e-mail, fax, and even transactions via the World Wide Web. Distributed or "virtual" call centers are also becoming popular; with many call centers spanning multiple locations, even multiple countries.
Many companies have multiple locations. Usually every location has a Local Area Network (LAN) to access their local data. The challenge comes when these multiple locations need access to one main or corporate location. Devi Communications can design a solution that will allow seamless access to data throughout the whole corporate infrastructure. That solution is a Wide Area Network  (WAN). A WAN is comprised of two or more networks that are connected together through an intermediary network. WAN connectivity can be via the Internet, a point-to-point connection or remote dial-up.


ATM is a high speed, low delay multiplexing and switching technology that can support any type of user traffic including voice, data, and video applications. ATM is ideally suited to applications that cannot tolerate time delay and Internet protocol (IP) traffic.

ATM is also an important technology for managing the demands placed on overburdened networks by the surge of Internet traffic. While routers are the primary elements in IP networks, ATM switches are used in the core to facilitate traffic engineering and performance monitoring. The result is a more effective means of ensuring the transmission of mission-critical traffic, a growing concern of services providers and businesses alike. 

Benefits of ATM
With ATM, one technology really does fit all your core network needs. It supports all types of traffic: voice, data, and images. It handles applications that cannot tolerate time delay.
The combination of picture and voice is transforming international business communications. Video conferencing requires quality in both sound and image with consistent, uninterrupted transmission. In association with strong network of business partners, Devi Communications will develop a program to help businesses plan for, acquire and use interactive "conferencing" systems and services to support effective, engaged communications that make their employees more effective.
Arrow Group has been into research and development activities since past 16 year. Our vision to develop and futuristic solutions have taken us to our goal of excellence in everything we do

.Arrow has introduced “Voice Catch” to record telephonic talk!
Arrow Voice Catch is an affordable and effective voice logging and recording system, which automatically logs all incoming and outgoing calls. Once calls are recorded on your hard disk and stored in a secure database, arrow Voice Catch converts the files into user-friendly  audio format, for easy playback on your computer.

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Office Automation Products
EPABX (Analog), KTS (Analog & Digital), Copiers, Fax Machines, Copy Printers, Projectors, Voice Recorders / Call loggers, Voice Mail, IVR, , I.P.Solutions, as well solution providers for Voice, Data and Video.
System Integration
Ability to integrate complex Voice, Data & Video information and communication networks quickly and efficiently including application and third party products associated with them
Staffed by trained engineers, our support center can design, maintain, and is equipped with the most advanced technology for providing quick resolution of virtually any problem
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